March 11 – Virtual Social Night

March 11 – Sharing Experiences in Topsy-Turvy Times
ACC Ottawa is organizing a virtual social event / slide show where your photos will be the show!
Tell us what you’ve been doing. Share a few of your ‘pandemic-year’ pics – your outdoor adventure, your latest cooking success, your newly-decorated bedroom or maybe a nice image of your pet! Anything goes (within reason)!
And don’t worry – if you don’t have photos. You still can join and check out what your ACC friends have been doing.
We want to have a number of narraters – each presenting a few photos with a brief story.
Calvin will prepare the schedule of presenters and will be the MC.

When: Thursday March 11 @ 8:00pm

What: A Virtual ZOOM Get Together – ZOOM link will be e-mailed to all attendees

Bring: Your own drinks and snacks

Contact Calvin Klatt for more information






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