AWFA Course – Advanced Wilderness First Aid – Nov 2022

Nov 12&13 and Nov 19&20 – Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA)Want to Know If You Would Sign up

AWFA is an intensive 4-day course (over 2 weekends) that provides in-depth information and training on medical and environmental emergencies in the backcountry. The course features classroom training and hands-on practice using simulated outdoor scenarios. Students will learn to take confident control of medical situation in the backcountry. Over the 4 days, students will learn patient assessment, injury management and other outdoor skills needed in a backcountry emergency situation. At the end of the course, students will receive their 3-year AWFA Certification and CPR Certification.

ACC Ottawa has the opportunity to offer our members an AWFA course this fall in La Peche, QC. Course dates would be November 12 & 13 and November 19 & 20. Course provider is Micheil Hill, Certified Trainer

Course cost would be $500 for ACC Ottawa members and $675 for non-members. We are offering our members an incentive/subsidy to take the course – list price is $803. We need a minimum of 12 students. 

Please email Helen Tsai to indicate that you would sign-up for the course. (We need to know that you are serious about signing-up – not just that you are interested.) When/if we have 12 potential students, we will ask you to reserve your spot by sending us your payment.   






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