As an ACC Ottawa member, you are eligible to participate in weekly local trips and activities, courses, and social events. You also qualify to apply to one of  our summer camps and the ACC’s renowned General Mountaineering Camp, held in the Rockies each summer.

You’ll be kept up-to-date on Club activities when you receive our weekly e-letter listing upcoming announcements, club activities and news updates. You will also receive a subscription to our print publication, and ACC national news magazine, The Gazette.

Joining the club also provides an enhanced learning environment that can lead to organizing trips, activities, courses and social events that help the Section continue to grow our spirit of adventure and conviviality that our members are looking for.

When you join the Ottawa Section of the ACC, you automatically become a member of the National Club of the Alpine Club of Canada.
Here’s why you should join:

The annual fee to join the ACC Ottawa Chapter is
– Adult: $48
– Family: $70
– Youth: $28
(plus HST)

To be part of the Ottawa section of the ACC, you simply join our national organization and select affiliation with our section.

For more information, to join online or to download a membership form,
please visit the membership section of the national ACC website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find all the information about the Club’s activities?

In many places!

First place would be here, our website under the Activities Section. You can check out the activities – climbing, indoor climbing, hiking, learning and socializing – that you are interested in. The Section Calendar of Events contains the most up-to-date information – when, where and trip leader – for scheduled events.

The ACC Ottawa e-letter is a weekly update of Ottawa Section activities and announcements of interest to our members. It is usually sent out each Monday. If you don’t already receive the e-letter, simply e-mail the editor, Elfrieda Bock: and ask to be added to the list.

With every season comes the The Leader, the Ottawa Section newsletter. The e-letter and the website will let you know when the next issue is available for downloading. And there’s the newsletter archive for past issues where you can check out some great trip reports.

Finally, if you have the soul of a climber, you may want to subscribe to the Gatineau Climbing Yahoo Group at This a discussion group for local climbers to help find climbing partners and to find out who is climbing where and when.
There is also an ACC Ottawa Section Yahoo Group at

Join us on Facebook at : Alpine Club Ottawa

Q: I’m going away for a few months. Is it possible to put my membership on hold? What happens if I move?

Unfortunately, we cannot put your membership on hold.

If you are moving permanently, we can transfer your membership to the local ACC Section (where you are moving to).

Q: I am not an ACC member. Can I still participate in ACC Ottawa Section outings?

In general, everyone who wishes to participate in Club outdoor activities must be an ACC member – due to insurance, safety and security concerns.

If you want to register for an ACC Ottawa course, you must be an ACC member before your registration can be accepted.

Q: Most of the local activities seem to be in the Gatineau Park. Is it possible to carpool with someone?

We always try to carpool for our trips – both local and out-of-town.
For our activities in Gatineau Park, we have an in-town accessible meeting point and, from there, take as few cars as possible to the Park.

Q: I am new at this and I don’t have any equipment. Do I need to buy the equipment or can it be rented?

Summer Activities: Hiking day trips require appropriate clothing, such as good boots, rain gear and a daypack. For weekend trips, you would need some camping gear. Hiking and camping gear can be purchased or rented at local outdoor stores – Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC), Bushtukah, Trailhead and The Expedition Shop.

Winter Activities: Skis and snowshoes can be purchased or rented at MEC, Bushtukah, Trailhead, The Expedition Shop and Fresh Air Experience.

Rock and Ice Climbing: Gear can be purchased or rented at MEC. If you are new to climbing, it is suggested that you take one of the Section’s introductory climbing courses prior to buying gear. This will give you the opportunity to find out what gear you need, why you need it and what features are important. The Ottawa Section offers an Introduction to Rock Climbing course every spring and an Introduction to Ice Climbing course every winter. For these courses, some gear can be borrowed from the Club while the rest can be rented at outdoor stores.

Indoor Climbing: If you are new to this, gear can be rented at the indoor gyms – Coyote and Virtual Reality. Climbing gear can be purchased at MEC.

The Section e-letter also runs want-ads – when members have gear for sale.

Q. How do I update my membership/contact info?
A. Membership administration is done by the national office. You can update your membership info online by visiting on the national website.

Q. What is the ACC Ottawa Section e-letter?
A. An e-mail bulletin outlining Section activities and interests. The e-letter is sent once a week – on Mondays. Special notices will also be
forwarded to our members using the e-letter mailing list.

Q. How do I subscribe to the Ottawa Section weekly e-letter?
A. Send an e-mail to with your name and the e-mail address you want to use to receive the e-letter.

Q. What is the ACC NewsNet?
A. An e-mail bulletin – sent from ACC National – outlining issues and activities that are of interest to all ACC members across Canada.

Q. How do I subscribe to ACC NewsNet?
A. Go to and follow the steps outlined.

Q. How do I subscribe to the ACC NewsNet e-bulletin?
You can subscribe to the ACC NewsNet e-bulleting by visiting the membership admin section of the national website.

ACC Ottawa e-letter

Do you want to know what’s happening with ACC Ottawa? We publish a weekly e-letter which is sent to all ACC Ottawa members. Members are added to the mailing list when they join the Ottawa Section. Non-members, who would like to know about ACC Ottawa and our activities, can be added to the list for a trial period.

If you are interested in receiving the e-letter please send an e-mail to