Nordic Backcountry Ski Clinic 101 (Classes – Nov 21 & 28)

This clinic provides an introduction to off-track Nordic ski touring in hilly, wooded terrain typical of Gatineau Park, the Laurentians and New England. We will also briefly discuss alpine backcountry skiing in mountainous terrain using Telemark or alpine-touring (AT) equipment but, otherwise, that ski discipline is not part of this clinic. There are two evening classroom sessions before Christmas (timed so participants can provide Santa with helpful hints) and two field trips in January. A fee of $25 will cover costs.

Pre-requisites: (1) physically fit, (2) a minimum of one year classic “cross-country” trail skiing, (3) will own or rent appropriate Nordic BC ski gear in time for the field trips and (4) demonstrated backcountry map and compass navigation skills. A separate navigation clinic will be offered by Darrel Newman for those attendees of this ski clinic needing to refresh their map and compass navigation skills. Limit 12 ACC members.

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Classroom Sessions:

  1. Tues Nov 21st @ 6:30pm – Nordic backcountry ski touring equipment – all you need to know to buy or rent suitable gear.
  2. Tues Nov 28th @ 6:30pm – soft skills including clothing, contents of a skier’s pack and backcountry skiing safety.

Field Trips:

  1. Sat Jan 20th – a day practicing techniques for ascending and descending moderately steep hills, plus a practice emergency scenario.
  2. Sun Jan 21st – all skills will be combined in a level 4 backcountry ski trip in Gatineau Park with each participant leading the group in turn under supervision. (Backup field trip dates in case of snowpack issues: 27 & 28 Jan.)

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