Feb 3: Climb/Hike/Ski to McKinstry Cabin

Climb or hike to the fire tower then ski to McKinstry cabin:
-on Fri Feb 3 we will meet at the roadside parking at Luskville Falls at 4:00 and hike into the falls.  We will split into two groups and participants will have the option of climbing the falls or following the trail around them.  Those who choose to climb the falls, a NEI Level 1 climb, will need mountaineering boots and crampons, an ice axe and harness.  Climbers will be belayed as they climb up the falls.  The climbers will then continue to follow the stream bed until it meets the trail.  At that point we will meet up with the hiking group and follow the trail to the fire tower.  At the fire tower we will put on our cross-country skis and follow the groomed trails to McKinstry cabin.  We will ski back from the cabin and all will hike back to our cars (no climbing on the way out).  This means carrying your skis strapped to your pack for the journey up to and down from the fire tower.  Participants are asked to bring food  for sharing at the cabin and a beverage of their choice.  The plan would be to be back at cars by 10:00 pm.  Due to time constraints the climbing group will be limited to six people.  A gear list will be provided to participants once the trip group is confirmed.
If you need additional information or have any questions please contact Bill Barrett. william.barrett@ocsb.ca

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