You are invited to join us the ACC Ottawa 2014 Annual Dinner on November 22, with special guest speaker, Roger Wallis.
An evening with good friends, great food and the chance to hear about fantastic adventures in the mountains.

Roger Wallis presents :
The St Elias: Canada’s Greatest Mountain Range – ‘Toronto Innocents in Wonderland’

The St. Elias mountain range in Klune National Park, Yukon is the third largest glaciated area on the planet and has the 2nd, 4th and 14th of the highest mountains in North America. Mt. St. Elias, at 5,489m, is the highest mountain rising directly from an ocean. The St. Elias has the longest glacier and longest continuous glacial surface outside the Arctic and Antarctic – the Hubbard Glacier is more than 150km long and the Seward/Columbus/Bagley Glaciers total more than 350km in length.

The Toronto Section has run more than 10 camps in the St. Elias Range over 20+ years with more than 35 different people participating. Roger participated in 7 of these camps. He says “There isn’t a real guidebook – so it’s all up to you. What more could any aspiring mountaineer need as an inducement? We were ‘more than na├»ve’ at the beginning but, over time, we evolved to be reasonably competent. The learning curve was fun!”

Come out on November 22 and hear about Roger’s adventures in the St. Elias – find out about that ‘fun’ learning curve – see some of the different challenges the Toronto Section undertook – hear about their successes in challenging the St Elias Range.

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