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ACC Ottawa is a voluntary organization, run by an executive committee elected by the members. ACC Ottawa Section activities are organized by volunteer leaders. Please contact us if you have a specific question, comment, or suggestion about the Club.  The Executive Committee is available to answer your every question about our practices, events and learning opportunities and will gladly direct you to the right person who can help you more specifically.

Title Name Email Address
General Inquiries
Membership Coordinator
Chair & ACC Section Council Rep Bill Barrett
Secretary Nicole Blais
Past Chair Janet Campbell (Resigned)
E-Letter Editor Elfrieda Bock
Climbing Co-Coordinators Stefan Kaban & Phong Nguyen
Hiking and Skiing Coordinator Grant Blanchard
Mountaineering Coordinators Stefan Kaban & Phong Nguyen
Training Coordinators Hai Pham & George Gebara

Quartermaster (Gear) Alan Dimond
Access Liaison Erik Pervin
Safety Coordinator Helen Tsai
Treasurer Elfrieda Bock
Youth & Family Coordinator Katharina Goetze
Social Coordinator Elfrieda Bock
Web Editor Tian Yuan

Activity Committees
Committees have been created to support the Activity Coordinators. 
Members can contact any member of the Activity Committee if they have questions and/or they wish to propose a Section trip.

Hiking – Grant Blanchard, Mike Bowler, Darrel Newman, Bill Barrett

Climbing – Stefan Kaban, Phong Nguyen

Members who wish to contribute to the Section by being part of an Activity Committee should contact the Activity Coordinator or any of the Activity Committee members.

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