Rockfest 2018 Info and Registation

Join us for Rockfest 2018 – the biggest ACC Ottawa Rock Climbing event of the season – a not-to-be-missed weekend of climbing, camping & socializing at Montagne d’Argent. During the day there’ll be organized climbing events & clinics for all levels from novice to experienced. Saturday night there’ll be a BBQ for all participants. Fun for everyone!   

Ready to bring your indoor top-rope game to the outdoors? Thinking about breaking into multi-pitch? Trying to climb harder routes but you’ve plateaued? We’ve got your back! This trip is appropriate for all climbers who are at a minimum comfortable belaying. Apart from all the learning opportunities, you are also welcome to climb independently. And bring the kids – family climbing is on the schedule.

Saturday features a variety of climbing events and clinics (click EVENT DETAILS button below). At the end of the day we’re hosting a BBQ dinner on-site for all participants – even if you were out climbing independently. You’ll never have tasted burgers so scrumptious as after a full day on the rock, and you won’t want to miss the fun and games we have in store. Get ready to make some great memories with your fellow climbers and to meet and socialize with ACC members you might not know (yet!) and to hear the best climbing stories of the year. You’ll want to stay over Saturday night – Sunday features even more clinics and top-rope climbing.

Event Details and Registration Link


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