ACC Ottawa Summer Camp – Rogers Pass – Aug 6 to 13



The 2016 fully-catered ACC Ottawa Summer Camp returns to the A.O. Wheeler Hut in Rogers Pass, located within Glacier National Park – a one-hour drive northwest of Golden, BC on the Trans-Canada Highway or a four-hour drive from Calgary Airport.

The Rogers Pass area offers a wide array of hiking opportunities. The Columbia Mountains are steep and the valleys narrow, allowing for a few easy hikes and a good number of challenging ones. Trail routings reflect their origins, as most were originally built to provide access to mountain climbs and glaciers!  Most of the Illecillewaet-area day hikes involve an elevation gain of about 1,000 meters between the start of the trail and the “End of Trail” sign. However, trails are well-constructed and well-marked; and they will take you to stunning ridges and viewpoints.

Rogers Pass Promo - HutThe Wheeler Hut, named after one of the ACC’s co-founders, is the only alpine hut easily accessed by road – a mere three-minute walk from the parking area. The building is one of the largest of the ACC huts, with a second-floor sleeping area. Downstairs, there is a large kitchen, a separate living/dining room with fireplace and a gear room.

The camp fee includes hut accommodation for the week and ‘three plus’ meals per day (starting with dinner on Aug 6 and ending with breakfast on Aug 13) – provisioned and prepared by our fantastic cook.

Located in the heart of the Selkirk range of the Columbia Mountains, the camp is suited to hikers and scramblers 18 years of age and up.

Estimated cost for the 2016 Rogers Pass Camp is $750.

Registration is open – for ACC Ottawa members.

For more information contact Elfrieda Bock –

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